Meet Ken & Kyle

Meet the Owners of K & K Custom Cycles – Ken Boyle & Kyle Boyle

K & K Custom Cycles, Palm Harbor, Florida, Tampa Bay, Meet Ken & Kyle

Circa 2002-2003: This is where it all began!

K & K Custom Cycles

Ken & Patty on one of their many rides across the country.

Ken Boyle officially started K & K Custom Cycles, Inc. in September of 2003. However, his love for motorcycles has been with him for quite some time. Ken purchased his first Harley when he was 20-years old and has never been without one since. As a matter of fact, he still owns and rides his original Harley Davidson!

Ken is a journeyman machinist by trade and has held positions in companies such as Frito-Lay and Bausch & Lomb. He has 30-years of experience in machining, fabrication, and design.


Ken had worked on Harley-Davidson motorcycles for over 23-years for himself and friends before finally deciding to turn his passion into a new career in 2004. Ken and his wife Patty enjoy taking motorcycle trips across the country. You can catch their latest trip on the K & K Custom Cycle Facebook Page.

Ken’s passion for Harley’s spilled over to his son, Kyle Boyle, who partnered with Ken a few years later.

K & K Custom Cycles

Kyle and his wife Tara in Ireland.

After coming out of High School, Kyle worked with AWS Carpenter Contractors as a draftsman drawing designs for their many projects. However, his eye for detail wasn’t just in carpentry and he soon found himself working side by side with Ken designing and creating custom built bikes of the finest quality.

Kyle and his wife Tara enjoy spending time with their son Kaden and heading to St. Louis to catch a Cardinals game whenever they can!


K & K Custom Cycles, Palm Harbor, Florida, Tampa Bay, Meet Ken & Kyle

Kaden enjoying the Zoo on Father’s Day!

Their shop has become a well-established business in the community; one that is known within Pinellas County for their quality and caring service. They work hard to ensure that their customer’s needs are satisfied in every job. They have built solid relationships and have an outstanding reputation in the business. K & K Custom Cycles not only services the greater part of Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties but has reached out across the United States.

K & K Custom Cycles enjoys being a part of the Palm Harbor and greater Tampa Bay Communities!


The Next Generation of K & K Custom Cycles…

Ken with his granddaughter Jaelynn and Kyle with his son Kaden. 

K & K Custom Cycles, Palm Harbor, Florida, Tampa Bay, Meet Ken & Kyle K & K Custom Cycles, Palm Harbor, Florida, Tampa Bay, Meet Ken & Kyle